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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Associates pay has stagnated for the last ten years while HDB and car prices increase year on year, what do you think?
Fat cats in lawsoc thinks the problem lies with millennial lawyers.
Lots of spilled ink about the Great Resignation in law these past few weeks. ST and BT running full-on media campaign to show that Lawsoc is doing something

I recall reading some lawyer's suggestion for full salary bands, revenue, RPL, PPP and PEP stats to be published for all major law firms here. Sort of like AmLaw and The Lawyer stats for US and UK.

Info asymmetry puts junior lawyers at a great disadvantage and vulnerable to exploitation. I suspect the 'Gini coefficient' between the top earning EPs and junior assocs in local firms, is larger than even in top white shoe or MC firms.

Alas, another feature of our local law industry is that the market simply cannot support a large number of BigLaw firms. THe market is too small and saturated.

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