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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Lol…. Get off your moral high horse.

Don’t need to paint one entire generation with the same brush.
And anyway, the “Junior doctors” aren’t the first generation of scum in the medical field.
Plenty of similar cheats in the many generations before who pioneered the way by selling codeine cough syrup, selling unnecessary investigations and treatment packages, and aesthetic treatments which can be easily done by beauticians.

And after all, this is a “salary” forum. You are here because you care about salary and finance.
Maybe one way to stop the greed is to only allow super rich people to be drs.
Eg if you do not have net worth in excess of $10m tnhen cannot enter medical school.
Only super rich become drs then they can choose who they want to treat. Can waive fees as they like also since it is not for the money.
Downside is some may finish med school and only see 1 or 2 patients a day.
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