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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Oh btw the grade is not representative of the pay…
From my understanding and data points collected till HR update in Apr/ May 2022
D-F can be MX11 pay
G can be MX11a pay
H can be MX10 lower pay
i is a the odd ball, 10 lower to upper
J MX10 upper to MX9 pay
K Super scale pay?
this is correct based on basic pay. but govtech has a lesser overall number of months package.
do note that most other agencies give MAC bonus to IT staff.

if you compare the overall package including MAC
D is mx13, govtech basic pay similar to mx12
F is mx12, basic pay similar to mx11
G is mx11, so on.. because Govtech revise their salary scheme to already include a portion of bonus onto the basic pay
H is mx11a
I is mx10
J is mx10
K is mx9
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