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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Academics =/= practice.
There are also 2:1s and 2:2s from delisted, now law firm partners. There is NUS 2:2 working in MC. There are also UK Law firm partners who study some other subjects, not even law.
Oxbridge FCH doesn't mean you are set for ptnership either.
Practice will be the true test.
Saying a lot when saying nothing at all.

What you’re saying is akin to saying leaving school with Primary 6 education does not mean you cannot become a millionaire because academic ability cannot be equated with earning potential. You’re technically correct of course that practice is the true test but law school and academic performance is the best even if quite flawed proxy of this. So what you’re saying is in theory correct but useless and dangerous advice.

Enough people giving advice like this will lead to a situation in Singapore like the US where people go into TTT law schools thinking “well that one partner in that one law firm is from this school” and with loads of graduates who can’t pass their state bar and those who do never earning enough to have made the debt they accumulated in law school worth it to begin with.
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