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This is good. There are many negatives about Big4. But I think what you can take from the job depends on you. Some people work like robots, roll prior year workpapers and don't understand what they are doing. Some people learn more because they don't work like robots.

There are several things that I picked up that might be helpful in work outside audit. I have to say it has been helpful to me and I didn't actually stay very long.

1. A good familiarity of financial numbers (3+1 statements and notes to account), and understanding of accounting treatment and standards.

2. Ability to understand new things/process/risk areas and process information. Walkthrough is not about rolling prior year workpaper and finding fault for fun. It is about understanding things that you don't understand. Audit trains your mind to think in a certain way and process information, and it is actually helpful for outside work.

3. Brushing up EQ. How to manage people of various positions and perspectives from you, and getting the things you want. I am not talking about our silly seniors-senior managers who don't even know what they are talking about sometime. I am talking about speaking with junior staff to SVP/managing directors or even CFO at the clients.

4. Ability to prioritize, streamline and multi task. I can visualize my own OSM list, manage multiple deadlines, and know what is good enough work if there is not enough time.
Disagree. Audit dont even need to use much knowledge from A to S. Frs, ssa, tax etc are all learned in school. If you learn a lot in b4 means you are not studying in school.
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