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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Errr... to this OP, actually not just legal industry, your argument works for most if not all industries too.

If that's the case, I think might as well jump off the building since we cannot live and thrive like the dinosaurs. At least, these dinosaurs now are earning 6-7 digit yearly

Regarding the 'old is gold' argument, to certain extent, it is quite true. But do be mindful that when you get older, you tend to have lower stamina, your mind is probably not as acute as you might be, and you may talk and slur so slowly in court (if in liti) that the judge will probably be rolling his/her eyes, wishing that you end your argument faster. But this is fine, if you a bunch of minions doing the grunt work. Your role will just be consultative and your advice will be highly regarded coz old is gold mah. Can charge clients SGD 1.5k per hour of work.

When one is ageing, it's either you become like wine (the older, the better), Or you become like a bread (the older you are, the more mold you have). So even though these EPs are dinosaurs, eh at least the world sees dinosaurs (and its fossils) as something valuable. The archeologists will probably win some Nobel-prize level award sia
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