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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Old is gold isit? These are dinosaurs that grew up in a time where a flat is a few thousand dollars, and a bowl of noodles are a few cents.

These are the same people that may be collecting millions as an EP, while you are moaning that don't wanna pay you for TC.

In a time where ppl on scholarship get paid while studying, get free uni and get a well paying civil service job,

you wonder why your parents pay $$ for your uni, for the privilege to do 1-2yr TC for free and then not get retained.

It's better to get a younger boss who understands inflation
Errr... to this OP, actually not just legal industry, your argument works for most if not all industries too.

If that's the case, I think might as well jump off the building since we cannot live and thrive like the dinosaurs. At least, these dinosaurs now are earning 6-7 digit yearly
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