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Actually all the talks about pay and work hours. I would like to share that the legal industry is 1 of the very few industries that has little age discrimination (ageism) issue. In essence, old is gold in the legal industry and hence you are well-regarded esp when you have 15+, 20+ years old experience in certain areas of law. Not forgetting that the legal industry in relatively tardy when it comes to digital transformation and many other advancement. That means lawyers can stick to their old dog skills and no need much upgrade. PS: The founder of my previous law firm doesn't even know how to use Whatsapp and needs his staff to type for him - he's in his 60s btw. And my current partner has even templated her strategy, argument for liti used for the past 10 years

In legal --> old is gold
In many other industries, old is mold. You try to seek a job in your 50s and 99.99% chance you will have doors slammed in your face. You are old, useless, intractable and probably slow.

So yes, while the pay is low, the trajectory is longer than others. Graduates nowadays just wanna easy way out and think that money grows on trees.
Old is gold isit? These are dinosaurs that grew up in a time where a flat is a few thousand dollars, and a bowl of noodles are a few cents.

These are the same people that may be collecting millions as an EP, while you are moaning that don't wanna pay you for TC.

In a time where ppl on scholarship get paid while studying, get free uni and get a well paying civil service job,

you wonder why your parents pay $$ for your uni, for the privilege to do 1-2yr TC for free and then not get retained.

It's better to get a younger boss who understands inflation

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