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Do secondary school teachers have enough sleep/rest?
Other than lesson prep, there are other committee work and CCA.

What time you guys end work and rest?
1. Be resourceful. Balance your own workload. For example, work with others for lesson prep AND there are many resources out there to help you with lesson prep. Donít start building it from scratch. Innovate. What can you do with little time but maximum output? Do you need to mark every single piece of work in order for your student to achieve good results?

2. Prioritise. What do you need to clear first? Which piece of work has the most impact? Can you delegate some pieces of work out? Not everything needs to be done by yourself. Eg. For CCA, can your students do the planning of weekly programmes and you monitor for safety/budget?

If you do not help yourself, there is very little that the system can help you. Many seasoned teachers do leave sch before 5pm (some days might be even earlier) and only have to chase marking deadlines during peak periods like exam period. Other than that, it is all about being resourceful and prioritising.

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