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This is false news, Deputy Director corporate ranks have 4 levels and no matter what level you are, you will be almost guaranteed to stuck at this corporate title for life, regardless of what level you are, can be 1st, 2nd , 3rd , or 4th, you will still be a Deputy Director earning somewhere about 10k to 17k (higher bands for those older staff at 50s ).

You will only be "forced" to make way if you sit a Division Head position, as that position only have 1 for that Division. If you are a Deputy Director rank, good , because you still can move around easily, problem will come if you are a Director level. Shall not name any departments, but ask people within to see what is the turnover rate for 2021
a person joining at deputy director/division head level, will his CEP be set to director? ex: join at grade 9(DD) and then CEP set to grade 6/5 (director)

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