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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Totally can feel you. When I was jobless, I panic and a cloud of depressive feeling encompass me everyday until I got a job. I keep myself busy by watching tv, doing things that I wanted to do when I was on leave (when still employed).

Have to keep yourself occupied. Try not to let joblessness lead you to depression. You are not even 40 years old. Still big chance. Just keep sending and attending interviews. Along the way, you learn how to tackle the questions.
But i often got too nervous and screw the interviews up. Thought i practiced quite hard for the interview. My peers in my age some already earning 10k to 20k per mth doing insurance and property agents. me felt like a loser sometimes when anxiety strikes and couldnt sleep at night. Waken up with cold sweat due to panic attack.
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