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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Civil service is highly competitive esp in this pandemic era. If you are just some average Joe with average edu level, the chances are slim. You need to expand your search not just civil service. Sometimes interviewers give out the wrong signals or candidates interpret as having a 'successful' interview. I have been through some 'look like got high chance' interviews and walked off with a satisfied smile on my face only to realise the silence thereafter.

There was one interview I went and the interviewer keep his positive vibes throughout and made me feel like he would choose me. Then no news.

Very demoralising. Maybe they really have other candidates to review before they make the decision.

The only thing I console myself is that someone has a more attractive chip than me so they choose him. Not because I am incompetent. Just like you are buying apple in the supermarket. So many to choose from. This apple look fresh but that apple look more juicy. Maybe I choose the juicy one cos I love apple juice more.

Literally the interviewers are spoilt for choices. So don't bash yourself up for not getting the job.

Keep applying and don't just in one sector.
Yea i was from the force last time. but regretted deeply to resigned to study. nv expect pandemic to hit. Applied almost all inspector position twice all gg. Now trying hard to apply for JO to go back my old position. till now no use. There are some agency JO position I had applied and shorlisted me for interview, Guess they need manpower ba.

Damn stressss and depressed. I got one wife too from china but ltvp was declined by ica due to the reason I was jobless. Was shouted by the ica officer that do i have a job now a not. My concern now is to get a job for at least 3k mthly salary so that got the hope to apply ltvp for her again the next time she comes.
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