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Originally Posted by Bean View Post
i previously from engineering ST engineering 3-4 years exp already,

they put the requirement>>A degree from a recognised university. An Engineering degree is preferred if you are from the manufacturing industry.
3-4 years of work experience in manufacturing or fast food industry.

i am from manufacturing with degree...

so base on the requirement, i am 100% fit ....

my last drawn is 4k, requesting 4.5-5k ok??
If this is all you are going to aim for, why bother taking the risk of joining banks?

Everybody knows times will be bad & there is high chance of zero bonus and being fired in the next 12 months. You want to go in then aim big to cover the risk, it's pathetic to take on huge risk of being fired just for a miserable $500 increment.

You need to get out of that engineering penny pinching mode and start to think like the financial industry. They only want good people, weather you ask for $500 or $2500 increment makes little difference.
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