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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
People in big 4 like to talk abt promotion blah blah
Please lah u promote 1 year 1 time Other people promote 1 time 3 year shake leg still got higher pay

Nowadays seniors and juniors same number as managers stuck in big 4 donít know where to go, you think promotion to M then zao to industry is guaranteed?

Think again lor

So many big 4 auditors trying to jump out each year industry where got so many positions for u to ask x2 pay one

For advisory and consulting arms no comment
promote 1 year 1 time but work like dog got what use? worse is A1 to S2 salary is pathetic for the amount of workload and the pathetic salary is unable to buy back your time and youth. Why waste your life working 18 hours everyday?

Nowadays even SM and M also quitting big 4 like seniors and associates. The Great Resignation is real.

People are just sick of this meaningless industry.

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