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Thanks mate, and congratulations on your offer. I didn't want to influence the decisions of other singtel MAP candidates hence did not post in the thread haha.

Anyways, do you really think they have a growth opportunity (sincerely asking)? to me their financials for the past 5 years looks very bad, they have gone nowhere and paying more dividend than their earnings, business equity has gone down.

In the time when covid should have a positive impact on their business, they struggled. I think the NCS business has growth and If I choose to go in, I would focus on that.

Also talking to the senior MAP, They really didn't open up on the progression and increments, which worries me a little. But somewhat understandable also cause it was on zoom with a bunch of other candidates also.

But I am actually inclining to towards the MAP as well. If in 4 years they are able to give two bumps @20% pay increase and 10% increment on the other years. It would be great already.
I think you’ll probably be in for a rude awakening if you’re expecting this level of increments. 20% increment typically only comes with a promotion and yearly increments without promotions is also highly unlikely to hit 10%.

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