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Senior Executive Conveyancing position-

Very slow career advancement.

When you first join Land Titles Registry as "Senior Executive'' , are you on same level as other Senior Executives in other departments?

You look at those supervisors in Land Titles Registry.

They are already 40s to 60 years old, holding the titles "Head, Managers''

Those people joined Registry of Land Titles as Conveyancing Officers Grade 5 ,after their A Levels.

Then work their way up to current position.

I knew them very well

One of them is so called" Head/ Asst Registrar of Titles" , joined in 1980s as Div 3 staff, after her A Levels. Is her A Levels good enough ? No

Head / Asst Registrar of Titles is nothing impressive.. Just a equivalent to Chief Warrant Officer.

Those so called '' Managers'', 'Asst Managers'' ..
They don't have very good university degrees.
One of them got only lousy degree from Indian university not recognised by Singapore Public Service.
She joined as Conveyancing Officer Grade 3 (actually Snr Div 3 post) in 1990s

Now , how old is she?

50s, still hold ''managerial post''

Being a junior supervisor post like Warrant Officer, at 50 year old. Nothing to be proud about.

When you first joined Land Titles Registry as ''Snr Executive'' . you have to focus on long term On the Job Training, where you learn how to do conveyancing work.
After few years, you will be sent to another section where you learn.

After few job rotations, spanning 15 years , you will be considered for promotion to Asst Manager..

If you are deemed to be learned and experienced, you will promoted to Manager at age of late forty, then you train new staff to do conveyancing work.

My female friend work there at age 24 , now she is "Head'' at 45 year old..

Do you feel proud?

Nothing to be proud about.

When you have very good professional degree, you don't work there . You will be post to better department (Finance, IT, HR,Legal, etc) where your career advancement is better

If you have LLB (Hons) degree from recognised university, you will be part of management team in Land Titles Registry, very much superior to those still learning how to do conveyancing work. You will be overseeing those old supervisors (trainers)

Do you know current Registrar of Titles? when he first joined Registry of Titles at the age of 27, after graduating with LLB (Hons ) . Now , he is Asst Chief EXecutive at the age of 52..
Very impressive right?
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