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Csb, poly time can get uni grad pay ah?
Hey, OP here. Not really, but here the story if it helps.

Moved to sg when 16, had to take a gap year before poly due to difference in the education system and the admission timings. Had no friends here so:

- worked at sengsiong @ $5/hr (few months)
- worked at KFC @5.50/hr, here i clocked in alot of time (many 16hrs days).

During this time my uncle advised me to put money into CPF, i didn’t know better so I did $700 a month (additional top up)
I believe he was thinking I’ll waste money on stupid stuff, so lets get it locked in, atleast there’s interest.

During poly, I started working at a bar $10/hr during holidays and weekends. Was used to working long hours so did many 12-14 hrs days, as many times they allowed me too.

Before army i had 5 months, worked my ass off as well. When the gogovans and lalamove came in, i started doing deliveries….got a van from my dad’s company so only had to pay for the fuel. It was good money, 300 bucks a day during weekends.

During uni summer break (covid time) did grabfood on bicycle making 1000 a week (with incentives)

However, i don’t advice anyone to live the life I lived. Life’s meant to be enjoyed not wasted working like a dog, working is just a means to enjoy life. I did what I did because I had no friends (didn’t gel with people during poly as well), and would have been just wasting time if not. But now my focus is to get financial freedom as fast as possible and then just do whatever I want yet at the same time take every opportunity to have fun, build relations and friendships. Still that doesn’t mean throwing money on alcohol and stuff…

Since last year, I started a channel… just to document my journey (especially my investments) you can find me if you just search “Sahil Bhardwaj”


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