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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Is it only some? That has been the trend for the longest time, which is why it is not a sustainable lifestyle.
i think if this is in the 80-90s when accounting is still relatively a well paid profession, is justifiable.

Now? fresh graduate in audit get 3k, work like mad dog promote to senior consultant, congrats finally u making the same as your friend in infosystem who may get 3.8 GPA but working in a tech firm and OT maybe once or twice a week only. by then if your friend is good, he may be promoted to small team head and earning a solid 6-7k le

today, experience + promotion speed + pay from big 4 is just not as attractive, but ok now they gang up with ISCA so its harder for people outside to get CPA.

if anyone want to be CPA and earn peanuts
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