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Wow, for lawyers itís shocking that you guys sure canít read. This entire thread has been like a first year lawyer dealing with a client - telling the client the law repeatedly without actually answering the legal issue the client has. Hope you guys are better at work than advice. The initial poster specifically appeared to ask you to assume he will get in, not to repeatedly state that he needs a BCL, Oxbridge et al. So if one assumes he had gone in, gotten a pupilage place, a tenancy and what not, what are his odds of eventually becoming QC. If you check online, it does suggest upwards of 10+% of barristers become QC. Those are not especially bad odds. They are not especially bad odds in contrast with an AAS in Singapore becoming SC, with only 94 SC ever conferred.

Given its historical origins however, I think most would choose QC over SC. But statistically, it is probably more difficult to get SC as an AAS than it is to be a QC in the UK if you were a barrister. And if you were Oxbridge, FCH, BCL, Harvard LLM, blah blah blah and are sure you can get into a top set in London, your chances of getting a QC eventually many years down the road are not low. Even as an Asian. Check out some of the leading sets in London. Many have Asian QCs and the profile is slowly changing to be more diverse.
Poster is asking how to improve his chances of becoming QC as an Asian. No one is saying BAME do not stand a chance. Itís about how to raise his/her chances.
While not a guarantee of success, the minimum is a Cambridge BA/LLM or Oxford BA/BCL.
After that itís your performance at the English bar.
In international arbitration circuits, itís great to be a QC but thatís also because there are more QCs around.
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