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Am I the only one that is not happy with possible career progressions? I know I need to be 30+ years old before I can be promoted to DD, maybe 10 more years. Regardless, after DD it's the glass ceiling already. I don't think I will ever be promoted to TL (unless they retire), but my TL work here for 35 years.

Everyday I just write emails, have to send TL for review, then send to Div Hd, then Dept Hd. So inefficient. I spent 1 year just writing 1 email (that's 3,000 words). I saw some emails from 10 years ago that hasn't been replied to too.

I am also very demoralised because of the bonus cut due to covid. Even though it is only 0.4 months worth, it's unfair because my workload increased.

Finally, I'm 28 already but I'm still the youngest in my department, I have to do sai Kang like organise retreats, join MASRC.
Have to be fair. Life outside can be super shitty too. Ask those mid-careers in your dept. Deadline is strictly non-negotiable. In government, it can at least be "re-prioritized".
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