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I'm graduating soon but received another job offer so was wondering if I should take that up instead. I probably will.

Interned with B4 in the past and did not enjoy it because of both the job and the senior I was attached to. Hope you've found a place that you'll enjoy more. All the best!
Not sure if tax is similar to audit. Tax should be abit more consistent in terms of workload than audit based on convo I had last time.

Weigh your offer and see what you want to do. I was Big4 and it had been helpful (by a stroke of luck) But looking back, I think it may have been better for new joiners to think deeper about what they want to do.

What Big4 offer is consistency in progression, and a good name to have in resume when you go to corporate for tax /IA / accounting and etc. But to be honest, you can probably get that elsewhere too. In fact, some firms may somewhat prioritise their own homegrown over mid joiners

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