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Thanks for your input!

Are you still in B4? How's the experience like?
Hi yes, Iím still in big four but already planning to leave, just waiting for the offer to be settled

Honestly speaking, your experience depends a lot on your luck
1. Who is your team member
2. Who is your mentor
3. Your portfolio of clients/ main area (eg TMT, insurance, real estate , aero etc)

For myself, I decided to leave because my teams were quite bad, back then when I was an associate, 3 out of 5 seniors on my case are throwing in the towel and they really donít care abt the clients at all. So I have to tank a lot of work and because Iím not experienced back then, got plenty of good scolding for reasons
Secondly my mentor is a working machine, she doesnít give any advice and donít care abt me at all. She only talks to me when the partner wants her to ask the associate sth
And lastly my clients, all last minute Ö so I have to Ot like mad during the peak season. And guess what itís never the clientsí fault itís I donít ďknow how to manage the clientsĒ

Just my thoughts. Heard that the experience can be very different with all the conditions being the oppositez but I would say for my service line. Not likely

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