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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Not the previous replier but Assuming is not troll, itís possible to get close to 20% this yearÖ

Letís say a 5k monthly pay default c grade

Jan 22 got 2%
= 5.1k

Apr 22 got adjustment of 7% (annual 3% + competency 2% + market 2%)
Round up to 5.46k
Annual is a must to meet inflation, 3% should be right, for competency 2% is ****, market adjustment just like Jan 22 🤣

May 22 got 13mth bonus fold in, FAANG pay 12mths only..
~round up to 5.92

Thatís around 18.5% jump!

I think this is how GT top mgmt gonna smoke us 😂😂😂
Spent so much time to hit all L2, if comp really 2% Iím gona take it easy le
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