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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
No need 5k. just pay us slightly above civil service starting pay since we have to OT more.

Cannot be we earn 3k and OT more than civil servants while civil servants earn 3.7k starting and no need to OT.

Some more Big 4 earn massive amounts of profit and are not affected by recession so there is no such thing as no money to increase salary of associates and seniors. somebody mentioned a junior partner earns 350k. if you reduce this to 200k already can increase starting pay liao.
If you reached SM and stay on for a couple of years more, you should hit 200k all-in? So I don't think anyone who make partner will be happy with 200k.

The more important things to change for junior levels are reasonable working hours and better coaching. This will be possible only with a properly staffed team. Of course you need seniors/managers who actually know what they are doing too.

But the firm prefers to win many engagements, keep team small and cut budgeted hours which will lead to overworked team and higher attrition, as well as senior/managers who only know how to churn.
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