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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
This one not really a red flag la, smaller firms generally cannot find good candidates (compared to the large midsizes/b4) and must keep posting just to attract applicants. They are not posting because people keep quitting LOL.
Honestly no trainee or junior lawyer should work in a small firm. Most of their standards are to sh itty for a junior to start his or her career and you will pick up many bad habits and poor practices.

There are a few good boutique firms founded by able practitioners, but it is rare. The vast majority are mediocre. The poor brand name of a small firm also "taints" your CV for a long time.

All junior doctors start their HO and MO in large public hospitals and not your small neighbourhood GP clinic where they train with the benefit of institutional expertise. The same reason should be applied to starting your career in law.

We should ban small firms (<20 lawyers) from taking on trainees and junior lawyers.

There is a place for small firms in the market (at the price point for less wealthy clients/corporations), but lawyers should only join them at a mid-to senior experienced stage.
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