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Agreed, most of the Malaysian doctors I know in public hospitals are the two-faced backstabbing kind who always play politics behind others backs, dun know why MOHH keep hiring them to steal our limited residency and consultant positions which should be reserved for true blue Singaporeans.
Coz sinkie buay gan and are dead weight.
I'm sinkie myself so it hurts but I must say the truth

Come on lah who won the badminton. Sinkie?
No . It is a talent that we have the foresight to train.

I tell u the number of Chinese and Indians in Malaysia is more than Singapore.

The only way for Singapore to punch above it's weight is to get them to come to Singapore.

As for residency, I actually find the most deserving are the Burma docs.
But took bad they mostly work as rp
I rather do call with Burmese rp than a lousy sr
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