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For audit, I personally dunno anyone who went in with the idea of making partners. In fact, I don't know anyone who went in aiming to stay at least until SM. It is more of natural progression if they stay until SM
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yeah same... all wanna work 3 years until senior and zhao.. if 3 years and zhao then the exit opps also not that good ma right? usually do accounting/ IA / fp&a. if go fp&a still nid downgrade rank somemore
I can confirm people who went into audit aiming to reach SM / Partner do exist, as I do know a couple of such people. But yes I agree they are a rarity and minority, with many people wanting to work 3 years and leave after getting CA.

And when I say “minority”- I mean I know like 5 out of a sample size of 40+, and out of the 5, only 2 are still going for it after 5 years lol.

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