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Lmao audit starting pay literally one of the lowest alr still want to cut cut cut. I know 2020 Covid time was uncertain and all but the least they could do is to back pay. Other professional industries didn't have this bullshiat.

This belated restoring and slight increment only benefits the new batch and shortchanges last year's batch.

I wonder all the BAcc students studying in unis right now, not sian meh? Bombarded with news about how shiatty this industry is, when other industries like tech are literally raising salaries like mad just to keep talents.

The Big4 truly deserve the state of affairs they are in. Shortage of manpower and declining audit quality by hiring cheap malaysians. I hope this whole industry tanks.

EY leadership kept saying they will revise salary but end up just gave us a one-off payment of few hundred dollars in mid 2021.They only revised salary in Oct 2021 so whole batch was shortchanged

Managers already revealed that shortage of manpower was due to the fact that they were unable to hire malaysians due to border restrictions.

Partner told us that the firm will be outsourcing more work to Philippines team in the future.
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