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My friend recently just signed the LOA with this recruiter which have the clause (if renege after acceptance of the job via signing have to pay 1 month salary compensation) he regretted and scare there this recruiter will sue. I just went to Google about this recruiter, I see the reviews saying the agent will seek compensation for the details indicated. How? Any advise? Anyone have sign with this recruiter before? Any outcome?

Bro seems like you are very worried seeing how u bump every old thread. If you sign already, just go and work, or probably resign on first day. Donít think anybody here can give you a definite answer. Companyís stance could change, smlj also can change. They didnít sue in the past, doesnít mean they will not in the future.

I was in the same position, I tahan for one year and changed job. Got an even better offer after the one year exp in previous role.
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