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But drs like to highlight the bad. The best dr is themselves. Good things seldom highlight.
Like I said it is a toxic profession. It is the culture. Find fault. M&M. Good work who cares thats your job you are supposed to do. Good CDM managrment ever give MO A grade?
in every profession, everyone diss each other. Coder will say someone codes rubbish.
engineer will say other people design sucks. my dad is a retired chef ( normal kind) and when i bring him to eat at higher end chinese restaurant, he also critise mah. Profession is not toxic, human beings generally are haha.

The problem for general practice and family medicine practice in sg is that the standard is from MBBS to FCFP level and 3000 of them are actually at the MBBS level.
Infact some of the older MBBS probably degenerate to Bsc level liao. The other day one GP still started aspirin for primary prevention for one of my patient. Its a 20 year ago out dated information.

I still standby my above stand, once and for all, make sure all GP upgrade to proper FP level. Gov to mass subsidise GP to take care of chronic condition with 50 to 80 bucks per visit. Can get subsidised meds delivered from your local polyclinic pharmacy.
Make GDFM much much harder than what it is now.

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