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which is why GPs should be phased out and not allowed to work independently. it's painful and probably expensive but experience from countries all show good development of the primary care landscape from there.
we still operating in the developing world model of not enough doctor and allowing the registered doctor to open shop but have expectations of a developed country primary care results.
I dare say polyclinic operate to world class standard but overall markers of a good primary care system bogged down by the inefficiency of the private gp of which is 3000 strong. if upskill them , actually sg primary care will be very strong.
haha..nationalised healthcare ba.

that said, some true blue gp quite good lei. I got transfer memo that showed good knowledge of CDM.
But drs like to highlight the bad. The best dr is themselves. Good things seldom highlight.
Like I said it is a toxic profession. It is the culture. Find fault. M&M. Good work who cares thats your job you are supposed to do. Good CDM managrment ever give MO A grade?

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