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Can I ask in ops, do we get flagged if we refer too much? I am starting my mopex in ops from Jan, 1st posting, understand that we have max 8-10 min per case, so speed is crucial. But if we refer too much (e.g subclinical hypothyroidism to endocrine, mild eczema to DERM, acute back pain to spine etc), do we get flagged out?
I don't know coz when I was Ortho mo covering spine clinic previously (few posting ago) we never seem to reject referrals, even though it is for stupid things like 1 week back pain in young man with no red flags, then the pain will resolve/improve when they come and we discharge them 😂.
duh. u are a doctor not a triage nurse. if everything refer we need a doctor for what, might as well set up a counter and hire a clerk for 2k asking which department in hospital he want to see.
referral do get auditted. I'm doing one now.
every one meets the patient who request referral despite ur reassurance.
by and large , average number of referral stay constant. mopex mo become referralogist get flag out plus plus la.
8 to 10 minutes consult are doable. just doing it constantly for 50 patient a day sibei sian.
and as mopex mo , no one expect u to see that number. baby mo first few week on the job see 50 patient a day means u anyhow see.
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