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Wow..7 yrs exp only and u hit 200k..i think most of your peers in banking are not even making as much as u..except for those in investment banking FO.

I fully agree with what u said.. "hopping after every 2-5yrs will probably help jump your pay more. Smart HR usually benchmark your last drawn pay.... So getting that first highly paid job is even more important" (I doubt most HR do that benchmarking..)

I know my hr does so, not sure the rest, through background checks and asking your current salary during interview... Even if your current pay is lower after upping it to max 20% (usually the increments are smaller, even if hiring mgr press for it) compared to similar existing roles, they will still not let it go above that mark. I guess my hr need to really justify to above even at 20%...maybe the rest of other companies are different. Anyway, I have sticked to 1 company so far... Time for me to make a move and see how other companies work..
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