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Originally Posted by Bean View Post
From what I know from friends in the final year in NTU who have attended career fair..

DSO starting pay for 2011/12 fresh grad:
1st class with NS = $4000
2nd upper with NS = $3900

I dunno how much is the annual package? 15-16month annual salary on average??? I dunno??? Maybe
Heard DSO gives out really good bonus... If you think you got what it takes to fight it out in side and emerge as a high flier inside with your PHD, you can give it a shot...
IMHO if you join PUB, your more focused scope of work will only give you less exposure and contacts.. will not bring you very far as compare to the SME where you can be exposed to the whole spectrum of the business.. Who knows if you can perform there... They might make you a partner or something.. Bear in mind they want to tell people that they have a PHD holder employee.. To some potential clients, these kind of thing inspires consumer confidence to deal with the company... You should use this to your advantage as a bargaining tool.. But have a exit plan just in case the SME plays punk by not delivering what they had promised you.. Maybe then, PUB or other related businesses might pay you more for the experience you clock inside the SME than PUB...
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