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Sup guys just came back from my appointment with my client.

Guys forgot about all these investmant banking, consulting, banking and audit careers. They are the kind of jobs that demands a lot of your time.

I was once an auditor but i quickly realized thats not what i want. In fact, i was glad that I was approached by one of the financial services director who introduced me to a job as a financial consultant. Not only did my work life balance improved tremendously but also my reumeration (even higher than my investment banking peers omg)

I have achieved several times of MDRTs along these years, thanks to my capable team and the help from my clients. What makes me enjoy my day are the smiles that i see in my client faces through adhering to my investment and wealth planning advice.

Why are you guys still working as a slave right now? Come join our team of marvellous, bubble and extraordinary financial consultants and we will make it big together as a team

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