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Well first of all your first post was based off some weird assumption that just made 0 sense so saying "I know but this that this that" is not a valid counter-argument whatsoever. Bottom line is that you didn't know so you backpedaled into something entirely different and used your own anecdotal evidence to push your weird counter-argument.

Anyway, one's success is defined by that person, not others. You questioning that other person's success is incredibly dumb and helps no one here. Someone who is depressed would view waking up everyday and taking a shower as "successful" or "productive".

Another person who grew up poor and finally acquires 1m at age 50 may also view him/herself as successful. Again, you don't know the full story so you can't make wild assumptions based on your own experience / skillset... if you're really in your 40s and you still don't know this, I don't know wtf to say.
you may be better off talking to a wall if the poster's mindset is that anything below $1m SGD net worth is considered poverty.
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