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Actually you're the troll who doesn't understand SG scale vs UK scale. SG NQ scale is not UK NQ scale. 6 months PTC vs 2 years TC (now SQE) before you can even touch your NQ salary.

CPF is not tax. It is a deduction but CPF is your money. Employer's contributions make it even more worthwhile, because you use it to buy a house which generally rises in value, much unlike renting. Rent is debatable, since I'd or do use CPF to pay off mortgage repayments - which doesn't classify as expenditure or a deduction since I'd get it back upon sale. Tax is the only thing that matters.

How does a banded rate of up to 40% compare with Singapore's very low tax rate (100K is 95K post tax)? Even on a post-tax basis, 76K GBP in real terms is only a bit more than B4 2PQE post raise. Difference of around 10K? Correct me if I'm wrong.
We knew the usual B4 tax-deduction apologist is coming!! B4 wansui!
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