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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
er.. i dunno when you were in DBS but DBS doesn't have manager rank. They have a very flat rank structure which goes

Analyst -> Associate -> AVP -> VP -> SVP -> MD

Thats all they have for ranks.

I joined as an associate with 5 years of experience doing corporate credit at $4.4K. I had another friend join also as an associate doing risk management for bond valuations think he had ~$6k. Also associate too.

Unless you are clerical staff DBS does not pay AWS. So its strictly 12th months.
Did u have 5 years of pure credit experience without other experiences? $4.4k sounds abit low, too low in fact.

I had 3-4 credit experience only, but 9yrs of working experiences including audit firms and corporate finance. Currently not in Credit Analyst but trying to get in (not particularly DBS, but any bank). Do u think it's reasonable for me to ask for >$7k?
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