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Dont try to sound politically correct, this is not bluffing myself, these are facts, only ignorant idiots like you are still thinking it is perfect and fair meritocratic world up there.....

There are reasons why the income gap is growing wider and wider, it is not a just simple case of cheap foreign labor flood the local market and depress the wages at the bottom.

The rich here should be made to pay more taxes, they enjoy the best of both world....make more and more money every year but pay lesser and lesser taxes every year.....what the hell, and we have a governement which rob the poor to pay the rich......cut corporate taxes and income taxes and then raise GST to make everyone pay including the poor......
Even if you are willing to be corrupt and sell your soul to the devil, I bet you don't even know where to start. Don't begrudge the rich. It's fair game.

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