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Can you stop being a joke? Just now claim $10k, now get debunked, claim $8k?

Just look at DBS IB base entries at MCF:
Analyst - $3-6k
Associate - $4-7k
Snr Asso -$5-9k
AVP - $7-12k
VP - $10-19k
SVP - $15-25k

Assume generous 9 month bonus (since you like to upsell it so much) and midway of the band
Analyst - $95k p.a.
Asso - $116k p.a.
Snr Asso - $147k p.a.
AVP - $200k p.a.
VP - $305k p.a.
SVP - $420k p.a.

Happy? Not as low as the $3-4k per mth numbers, but also pls don't come claim BB IBD salaries as your own.
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