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Agreed. EY has one of the worst welfare compared to other B4. Even with the increment that was above and beyond the market rate, there’s a mass resignation now lol. Happy to leave this place after 4 years
I heard people there are concurrently following up on 3 to 4 jobs. Do 1 engagement already want to die still need to handle 3-4 jobs.

What the hell is wrong with EY? Then they pretend to be shocked when people suddenly quit.

They think throwing money can solve the mass resignation problem but ey s1/s2 salary is only $100 more than the rest

Don't even mention about the training or guidance. There is no training or guidance at all. Manager will just throw you tons of things to do and ask you random questions even though you are new to the engagement. Sometimes the manager is even unsure of certain stuff. Hello, you are paid $10k to understand the biz and guide the team. You expect senior or staff earning $3-4k to guide you?

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