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I think balancing both side of the forum.

Honestly, i dont think doctoring is a good career. There are easier ways to have a live and also earn your keep. Hence from this aspect we need to give the doctors due respect. They have choose to earn less to do the society a good.

I think its an acknowledgement that doctors while respected in society are middle income in singapore and this trend is likely to worsen.

I believe that we will be seeing more foreign doctors in singapore to reduce the healthcare cost. I dont think i will be complaining. As long as the cost is kept down. I think healthcare is an operating cost.

Without being offensive. i think the junior doctors of this group if unable to accept this should leave the medical service to do something else.

Thank you for contributing to society. We depends on good doctors so that we keep healthy to create wealth
With the internet and easy google search there is no need for doctors who dont do procedures anymore.
Govt should revamp system allow people to buy their own medicines and treat themselves. Will further lower healthcare costs. Something for govt to consider.

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