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Yep so my JC friends are all over the place. Investment banking, law, start-ups, big crypto funds. They didn't do too well in JC but many of them made it to Ivy leagues and of course from there did very well- super happy for them and I delight in their successes. For sure they're earning big bucks even at such a young age- e.g. my friend in a boutique IB firm takes back about 20k SGD per month after tax in the states.

Although I do think the working hours are sometimes ridiculous as a HO I also think about jobs and security- yes I believe we should pay our HOs, MOs and registrars more as they do a very important job. At the same time there is definitely a bottle neck of people filling up roles higher up. This structural unemployment makes it difficult even after all these years to create better working hours for HOship. I believe it is more difficult than it seems to try to fix the system.

What I do think is fixable especially in the short term is definitely the attitude of many senior doctors. It always makes it a pleasant experience suffering together as a team than having to work begrudgingly for a consultant.

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