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Yes, need secure a GMAT score of 700 and school fees of half a 4rm HDB that has to be paid off in one year. Hence the previous posts, unless you are a high flyer who has earned alot or company sponsor you because they see you as a potential to be the next CEO/CFO/CTO/MD, not many can really really achieve that. If can achieve that great, you are the top 0.1% in the world (99.9th percentile). For me, top 5% can liao. Let the cream of the crop buy a Rolls Royce or Ferrari, I'm contented if I can afford a new Aston Martin or Porsche.
Insead is not abt the school fees but the barrier of entry.
To enter one must be great. So employers look at that.

Whereas any ah Mao ah gou can enter nus ntu smu mba
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