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NUH MO here. I would just like to take the time to post more accurate details as to how job progression and pay is like. And my reflection on how medicine is a career has and will be. My parents are both private specialists so I could perhaps shed more light on what job pay and progression is truly like.

I was jaded once too and it does suck sometimes being in hospital and earning way less than your good friends from JC. It feels sucky especially because you feel as though you could do the job your friends do and perhaps better. It's human to want to chiong in something that reaps you the biggest rewards.

There truly is no right or wrong answer. If a doctor leaves to pursue aesthetics to build a better life for himself and his family, how can we call him a sell-off? Likewise, if a doctor has a passion for CTVS, how can we call him a slave if he is doing what he loves?

For me, coming from a position of privilege, I did not have to worry about finances when I was younger and was free to pursue my interests and passions. I am very grateful for this. I will likely stay in the public sector and pursue surgical residency. Of course this may change once I do get married and have children. But this is my personal plan for now.

Roughly speaking, the take home for MOs is 6-7k.
As a registrar, perhaps 8k.
A.Cons, it depends on your specialty. generally surgeons earn more than internal medicine doctors (with the exception of cardio and gastro). About 12k.
Consultants- it varies a lot.
if you are a nephrology consultant, with no administrative roles, perhaps 15-18k.
If you are the chief of surgery about 700k/year.

In private practice, it is a different ballgame and there is a lot of variation.
Surgeons can hit up to 2.3 million a year (last year, a private practice plastic surgeon)
Respiratory physicians typically 300k-400k a year.
Proceduralists like Gastro or Cardio average about 800k a year. (a good year was 1.5 million)

Not too sure about private GPs to make an accurate gauge.

So ultimately it depends on what you want to achieve with your life. There really isn't a right or wrong answer. I hope everyone finds happiness in this chat!

Thanks for your post. What occupations were your jc friends in?
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