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Just wondering does having a mmed (fm) means confirm will get job at ops. For example, if you pass your mmed and go private, but after 5-10 years bored of private want to come back, will they take you as long as you have mmed even though it was passed 10 years ago? (I mean people may want to locum ++ during their younger years but once reach 40+, just want 8-5 job)
where got confirm ? dime a dozen lei.
I ops head also dun want to hire private gp.
you are slower and u probably practising vodoo medicine already.
your chronic disease skillset likely v rusty.
plus navigating public healthcare resources and utilizing allied health will be unfamiliar to you.
plus u likely want to come back to chill and retire
I rather hire a 30 year old young and aspirational guy hot and energetic off passing their who will take my arrow for audit, research and whatever initiative to hit my KPI.

think about it la. this kind of question need to ask ?
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