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1) "what is the point of SAB if there is no consultant job for GP?"
don't understand what you mean by no consultant job for GP?
are you even a doctor? if you are then you know there family physicians can get promoted to assoc con, con and senior con etc...
this has been in place for a long time, so i'm not sure what you're saying

2) "what is the point of FM if there is FM is paid same as specialist?
The whole point of FM is to reduce cost and reduce specialist referral."
i don't understand what you're saying here as well.
you do know that health care costs is not just the salary of doctors right?
think you need to study some basic healthcare econs (and some English classes as well)
Recently i got a referal from polyclinic. I was refer to a doctor who is specialist in internal medicine. Advance internal medicine to be specific. Whats is advance internal medicine and how do they differ from different specialist? But then credits to the advance internal medicine doctor, she was able to manage many conditions without refering to an organ specialist. But is advance internal medicine just another GP?
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