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The only person who can tell you whether they will hire you 10 years from now is God almighty.
Primary care scene is evolving rapidly and MMed-ers are being churned out every year.

Who knows what will happen?
Likely over time MBBS holders will not be able to prac independently without minimum GDFM.
And maybe 20 years later GDFM will be phased out, need minimum MMed to prac independently outside.
Likely within next 1-2 years, fellows will be recognized as FM specialists as well.

OPS already gonna be fully staffed by MMed-ers gradually.
Need to wait for all the old time RPs / GDFM holders to retire over the next 10-20 years and they will all be replaced by the hordes of MMed-ers
i have a few qns:
what is the point of SAB if there is no consultant job for GP?

what is the point of FM if there is FM is paid same as specialist?
The whole point of FM is to reduce cost and reduce specialist referral.
now make FM specialist and pay at specialist rate of $150 per consult isnt that defeating the point?

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