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Originally Posted by Unregistered View Post
Front office vs Back office.

Profit centre vs Cost centre

Variable bonus vs fixed bonus.

It is your choice. Helpdesk helps you have a thorough understanding of the Bloomberg suite of products. It prepares you when you meet clients in the future.

Easier to transit to banking sales and trading from bloomberg imo.
Think little to no chance to transfer from tech sales to IB S&T.

Depends on what you want OP. IB BO should be more chill compared to Bloomberg sales (esp if you are starting out with help desk).

Bonuses + Progression Wise I heard Bloomberg is pretty bad. IB GT program progression should be better? If you are looking to move to FO, idk any who made the move from BBG (maybe cus my network is mostly in banking) but seen many from BO/MO moving to FO.

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