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Hi everyone,

Fresh out of Uni and I just got these 2 offers and am looking for advice:

1. Bloomberg Sales & Analytics, I'll most likely be starting at Analytics (helpdesk) for 2-3 years and then move on to sales.

2. Graduate Talent Program in IB Back Office Operations, 2-year long program where I'll be rotating departments / teams.

Starting salary for Bloomberg is higher.

Anyone have insights / advice about the career prospects / progression / exit opportunities in either path?

Appreciate whatever help and advise I can get.

Thank you!
Front office vs Back office.

Profit centre vs Cost centre

Variable bonus vs fixed bonus.

It is your choice. Helpdesk helps you have a thorough understanding of the Bloomberg suite of products. It prepares you when you meet clients in the future.

Easier to transit to banking sales and trading from bloomberg imo.

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